Please Meet Riley

Riley Weston has worked as an actress and writer on many television shows and feature films. She is now living in Nashville, focusing on her music, acting, and her TV and movie writing!

Riley has been featured in many publications about her career which includes her music and performances, as well as her critically acclaimed book "before i go."
As an actress, she has starred in the TV movies "Christmas at Water's Edge" & "What About Your Friends." As a writer, Riley has written movies for Hallmark & Lifetime & wrote for the hit TV drama "Felicity" as well as starred as Story Zimmer.
"before i go" is a heartbreaking story of family, fortitude and the will of the human spirit. It spotlights the thrill of ice skating, an unbreakable bond between a mother and a daughter and one true love of a lifetime.
As an artist, Riley has opened up for Lee Brice and Montgomery Gentry as well as played countless shows! As a songwriter, she recently had her first cut of many to come!
  • Rowdy Riley

    If you know me even a little, you know I like to have fun! And if there is Moonshine or Fireball involved, that means rowdy Riley shows up to play!

    Are you with me?! {Tequila works too!}

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  • Love Hurts

    Whatever the circumstances are, it still plain sucks when it’s over!
    So order that large cheesy pizza, open that pint of your fav ice cream
    and blast the beJesus outta this 6-pack!!!

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  • Love Rocks

    This 6-pack covers everything from true love to a one night stand
    to a white trash wedding!
    One of my favorite tunes on here is a duet called
    Love You Through This Life with my good friend Scott Reeves.

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  • Surrender Laughing

    When life gets me down, I find peace realizing I have no control whatsoever!
    I know that sounds silly, but being a girl of faith, when I let go and surrender laughing,
    I can be still and know.

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  • Back When

    Don’t you love it when you hear a song and it immediately takes you
    back to a special place and time?
    For me, Town for Sale and Back Road Home do just that.

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  • Goodbyes Ain't Easy

    The word “goodbye” always makes someone feel sad.
    But I’m here to give you other options!
    I Get the Dog is not only a crowd favorite, but also autobiographical!
    And Burn You Down might involve a murder. {He deserved it!}

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  • Unplugged

    If I could, I’d end every day in front of a campfire!
    There’s just something about being unplugged…not just from a guitar but from life itself.
    These are some of my favorite tunes!

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  • Riley Weston

    I feel so blessed to be a songwriter.
    I get to take every emotion I have ever felt, the good, the bad and the ugly,
    and turn them {hopefully!} into something y’all can relate to…
    celebrate the good times and get through the tough times.
    Thanks for listening, y’all!

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